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About flowerhorn

There are people that are found of eating fish, and they love to eat because many species of fish have the taste that is good and also have much nutrition inside them, not only this but there are people that are fond of keeping the fish in the aquarium.The hobby of keeping the fish in the aquarium has changed many things in the fishing breed.

The people that are fond of keeping the fish needs to have several varieties of fishes or their species that can make their aquarium look very colorful and very beautiful.The breeders have a massive demand for unique fish that is in demand. The most colors in one single fish are found in flowerhorn.

The flowerhorn is having something special for the people that have a hobby of keeping the fish in their particular room.In early years people were not having the knowledge of different types of breeds that they can keep in their house, but now the awareness has shown that people are keeping the best kind of fish in their aquarium.

For the people that are having the hobby of keeping fish in their house are diverting towards flowerhorn breeds.

The certain change is because in this flowerhorn breed they are getting all types of beautiful different kinds of breeds that can live for 10 to 12 years. But it is important to know about all the breeds that flowerhorns have Not only this, but it is also important that you must know about the way of feeding, taking care, their diet, how to maintain their living style and special attention during the eggs that are given by the female flowerhorn.

It is not so easy to take care of this popular fish. You need to learn about the fish before you make any purchase of any breeds. You need to determine which variables can be selected and what the main things that you need for them are.
In this article, you will be learning about all the different types of flowerhorn breeds and also going to have the information about the way that you can take care of these breeds.

Why do people love to flowerhorn fish?

There is numerous variety of fish that is found under the sea or in the lake here we are going to talk about the specific fish that is flowerhorn.

This fish is popular for the colors that they have for their skin. There are multi-colors that this fish has on its body.

The name that is flowerhorn is given to the fish because of the shape of the body. They have distinctively shaped head and for that this fish has the name as flowerhorn.

They are humanmade hybrids that exist in the wild because of their release. It was developed in Thailand and Malaysia in the beginning. But soon they became one of the favorite fish all over the Asia continent. Now you will see these fishes that are also liked by the hobbyists of America and Europe continent.

Talking more about this fish then let me tell you that this unique humanmade hybrid is has become an invasive pest animal. The real development is not known because it has been developed in many long back years that have historical time.

The lifespan of this colorful fish is 10 to 12 years. They can live in water temperature 80 to 85 degree F. You need to have a tank of 55 gallons to 125 gallons. Other than this, you need to have the tank that can be larger, which depends on the size of the fish or breed that you are going to have.

You have the option of dividing the tank with egg crates or acrylic dividers. It is important to divide because it is not possible that you can make the difference between male and female from these fishes in numerous. But you have the hint to distinguish the male and the female.

It is the male if you have a larger size and the female will have a smaller size. Another option for recognizing the male is the vivid colors that are more on their skin and females have black dots on their fins.

Types of flowerhorns

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Here are the details of all kinds of flowerhorn breeds with all their features:

King Kong parrots and red ingots

It represents the early stage of flowerhorn breeding that has blood parrots that are the smaller, bigger head, and has a V-shaped mouth. They have a dorsal fin that is smaller than anal fin. The unique thing about it is that after it reaches the size of 18 cm, then their mouth shape changes and has a triangle shape.

It can gain weight for 1 kg or can be more than that. Talking about the red ingots then this fish can grow up to 25 to 287 cm. Both these breeds can grow under 28 degree Celsius water temperature.

Golden monkey

This is the breed that is also popular for bringing a good fortune. It is Louhan based fish that is very expensive. In one exhibition this fish was sold for the highest rates than of any other breed of flowerhorn. This is suitable for those people that are found of breeding flowerhorn.

It size gets up to 20 inches in six weeks. You need to have the proper temperature to keep this fish in your aquarium.


Another good breed that originated from luohan. The fish has yellow or white eyes, fantail, watercolored head, sunken eyes and have smaller lips. They are having sharp teeth but are small.

Zhen Zhu

This fish has a rounded tail with largemouth. It is having red eyes and prominent head flower. This breed can create better pearling.

This is the fish that can provide you to have excellent experience of color changing. In the starting, you will have two to three colors, and later on, they will have a simple one grey color. After they have the grey color of their skin soon, they will have the skin that will have multi colors

Golden base

It is the group of multiple varieties that includes fader and golden trimac. The name fader is given because these fishes lose their colors after some time and later on the black color also vanish and new vibrant colors, especially the yellow and red-colored arrives.

It has been given the name golden due to a bright golden color on the skin helps to define this fish with the most natural way.

Red Texas

Is the breed that comes from red Texas with king Kong parrot. They commonly have a red color. It can vary in terms of the type of pearl. It is said to be the fish that can live with the popular breeding fish that is KingKong flowerhorn.

King Kamfa

It comes from the kamfa family that has sunken yellow eyes that have been originated in Thailand. It is the most expensive flowerhorn strain. The colors are more than 10, and all the colors are shining colors.


This is the product that comes from the crossing of Kamfa male and malau female. Their fins take the frosted pearl look. In the night you can see the shining in the aquarium.

Setting up Tank

For setting up a tank for such species, you need to know about your stock. The stock means that the tank will have the size according to the stock. In the startup, you need to have filters, pumps, and filter cartridge.

The environment of flowerhorn is required inside the tank. Selecting the filters and cartridge filter you need to choose according to the size that flowerhorn can grow up to.


It is a fact that the people that are found in keeping fish will always try to have numerous variety of fishes, especially the flowerhorn. They can be tank mates if they can adjust their life with each other. There are good combinations of tank mates in flowerhorn fishes. For example, red texas can have the tank mate like Kamfa, or King Kong can have another breed of flowerhorn like zhenzhu.


In the care, it is important to know that what flowerhorn eats. You need to take care because the development of their body structure will increase properly.

If you provide the right kind of feeding. In the feeding, you can give then worms, grasshoppers, and sun-dried crickets. It is not necessary that you need to feed them live foods.

You can feed dried foods. You need to feed them three times a day.


Making the decision for keeping the flowerhorn can be a risk if you have not known about the breeding mates that can live together. All the flowerhorn breeds cannot live together.

There are little breeding that can live with each other. In the activities, you will have a great change in the female. The physical appearance of a female will develop by dark stripes, and the male will always look aggressive that will always try to harm the female. In such a case, you need to keep them separate from each other.

The aquarium can help you keeping different breeds in different shells that are made of plastic. It is observed that by watching the other male, the flowerhorn male breed gets aggressive and might have a fight with each other.

The separated shells are specially designed for all breeding to stay calm and can live properly.

Flowerhorn care

In order to keep your flowerhorn in safety and like them to live for a longer time, then you need to have proper care, proper feeding to make them live for a long time.

There must be free space in the tank for their movement; you must use egg crates that can quite helpful for the female flowerhorn to have space during the time she is about to lay eggs.

The duration of laying eggs is from 2 to three days, and in that situation, you must take more care for the female because the female can eat eggs if she is not getting feed in time.

You need a decoration inside the tank that can make the fish feel free. There must be different territories made for not making the fish to fight each other.

The given foods are eaten in just five minutes maximum time. For taking the care, you need to be very careful with your tank, fish, and all the other parts that are attached to the tank.

Diseases and treatments Hexamita

If you have decided to keep the breed like flowerhorn, then you must know about their popular diseases and treatments because if the disease takes place in the flowerhorn, then it cannot live for a long time.

The most common disease that is found in flowerhorns is the Hexamita disease. It is easy to determine this type of disease. The flowerhorn that will have this disease will have a hole on their head.

The fish will start producing stringy, white faces, and the colors of their skin start getting faded. The fish gradually become emaciated and lose their appetite. You need to provide the treatment. For the treatment, the prime medication is used, and it is called hexamitiasis.

The best thing like these disease, use medicated food when you see that the disease is about the start. The other way is to add the medication into the water. The dosage for 10US gallon is 250mg. You need to dose it once in a day. You need to medicate for three days.


All these things that are mentioned above are essential for those people that are fond of keeping flowerhorns in their house. You can also study about this popular breed from the internet.

The fish is man mad, and there is considerable variation found in this fish. The special thing is that this fish has unique shining colors that bring the extra shine in the room. Your aquarium will look very beautiful.

Keeping the fish with their environment needs to have special care taken for that you need to learn all about flowerhorn. If you will learn about the environment that they require for a living, then it is sure that you are going to keep the flowerhorns for many good years.

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